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  • Pork Chop Casserole
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  • Italian Pork Recipes

Italian Pork Recipes | Italian Sausage Recipes

Michele Romano’s exquisite Italian Pork Recipes for you to choose from along with my favorite Italian sausage recipes.

I feel perfectly qualified to talk about these mouth watering dinner delights.
After all my late great Italian Grandfather used to call me “Porko Beano”. So what other endorsements do I need anyways!

What Makes Italian Sausage Different From Other Sausage?

The seasoning of course. Fennel in particular is the main ingredient that sets Italian sausage apart from others. The licorice scented herb gives Italian sausage a unique and tasty flavor. I love Italian sausage. I have many recipes I will share with you. Stay tuned.

Bless your family today with one of these Italian cuisine masterpieces.

Michele Romano Cookbooks

Bookmark Michele Romano Recipes. Try all the free, savory recipes supplied. Watch for the premiere of my two remarkable new cookbooks, Romano Toscano Top Secret Italian Family Recipes and Heavenly Scent Recipes . Do these three things, and you will always have your choice of Top Secret Italian cooking recipes and a variety of one of a kind, to die for, Heavenly Scent Recipes.