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Michele Romano Recipes is a unique blend of fresh new healthy dinner ideas and savory Top Secret Italian Family Recipes

Michele Romano Recipes

Michele Romano | Dinner Ideas | Top Secret Recipes

Michele Romano Recipes
Spinach Artichoke and Parm Dip
Michele Romano Recipes
Michele Romano Recipes
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Michele Romano Recipes
Michele Romano Recipes
Michele Romano Recipes
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Michele Romano Recipes
Michele Romano Recipes
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Top Secret Italian Family Recipes Revealed!

It is obviously No Secret that Italians are extremely fond of their food. “You know your Italian when, your diet consists of spaghettini, tortelini, zucchini, cannelloni, macaroni, and anything else that ends in “ini” or “oni”!)

Most Italians I know have inherited the natural gift of cooking and hospitality. My beloved brother Dana Romano and his wife Jayne used to set an awesome example of Italian hospitality, amazing cooking, and very quick sense of humor. As demonstrated on his Facebook page Those crazy Italians

Every authentic Italian meal is an incredible dining experience from start to finish! I love the relaxed way that nothing is rushed and everything comes in courses.

You can only imagine the infinite amount of Italian cooking recipes, Italian Pasta Recipes, dinner ideas and so on that have been handed down and shared through the Romano Family generations.

I have been privileged to collect numerous family Top Secret Recipes, not only from the Romano Family, but also my very dear friends, Geeg and Angeline Toscano.

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Healthy Dinner Ideas

Exposing the Myths

It is cheaper to eat junk food.
I can’t afford to feed my family healthy food on my budget.
It is not more economical to buy a bag of donuts rather than a bag of apples!

Michele Romano Recipes is a place where healthy dinner ideas, family, food and laughter are combined to nourish the body, mind and soul. It is not just about the food……..it is a way of life.

  1. Body: Delicious healthy meals without compromising flavor, enjoyment or comfort.
  2. Mind: Knowledge of herbs, spices, grains, powerful super-foods and the nutritional facts about them. Learning to incorporate these God given treasures into your meal preparation and daily life.
  3. Soul: Immune boosting laughter, positive thinking, inspiring recipes, weekly uplifting quotes and words to nourish the heart. Being healthy on the outside begins with being healthy on the inside.

Experience the joy of preparing healthy meals while spending quality time at the dinner table with family, friends (and yes, maybe even the occasional stranger).

Michele Romano Swiis Chard Recipes

Seasonal Recipes | Cooking With Fresh Herbs and Spices

My passion for learning about health and nutrition began fourteen years ago. I will be sharing throughout my website, Michele Romano Recipes and in my cookbooks, much of the knowledge that I have gained by studying over time. Seasonal Recipes will focus on healthy dinner ideas using fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. Look for:

  • Assorted seasonal fruits and berry recipes such as Michele’s huckleberry tarts . (you can’t imagine how good they are!)
  • Elderberries , natures powerful anti-oxident. Free extremely healthy, very tasty, juice recipes
  • Canning and jam recipes. Freezing tips.
  • How to make homemade sauerkraut!
  • Romano bean recipes and growing tips. Check out the Romano’s Romano Bean Story
  • Fresh Italian salads and homemade dressing recipes including fresh herbs.
  • Various Squash recipes such as Michele’s creamy chicken butternut squash lasagna recipe.
  • Plus many other seasonal vegetable and fruit recipes.

Remember, you do not have to be rich or a health nut (but it helps to be nuts!) to eat healthy. Do the best you can with what is available to you. Plant a garden if you can. Even a small salad and herb garden will be beneficial.

Live Long & Mangia!